Have questions about upper cervical care? Here’s a list of our top frequently asked questions.

Do I have an upper cervical subluxation?

Many people have a misalignment in the upper neck without even knowing it.

Every person can benefit by having their spine evaluated by an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Specialist. In order to determine whether or not you have an upper cervical subluxationyou will need to have a consultation and examination by an upper cervical specialist.

Why does the Upper Cervical Spine Misaligned?

The upper cervical spine can misalign for many different reasons. It can even start with the birthing process since we have to push though the small birth canal head first. This is especially so when birthing interventions are used such as: forceps, vacuum extraction, and  any form of twisting or pulling on the baby’s head.

During our toddler years we learn to sit, crawl, walk, run, jump, and play; meanwhile we have to balance our oversized head on our tiny neck. This makes it easy for a misalignment to occur and if the body doesn’t correct this on it’s own it will begin to put pressure on the brainstem. It’s important to get children checked at a young age to make sure the child don’t grow and develop with this upper cervical subluxation.

As we get older slips, falls, sports injuries, car accidents, emotional distress, traumatic experiences, and  poor nutrition are big contributors to the upper cervical subluxation.

How is the rest of my body affected by an Upper Cervical Subluxation?

Since the innate intelligence, the inborn intelligence within all of us, of the body prevents damage to the brainstem at all costs, it adapts to the subluxation between head and neck by making the tailbone or sacrum crooked. The ribcage will passively twist because it’s in the middle of the column that is twisted one way at the top and the other way at the bottom.

Other forms of care may alleviate pain temporarily, but if the Atlas is not properly set, the full spine kink will return to compensate for the upper cervical subluxation so that the pressure on the brainstem will be alleviated.

How does the Doctor correct the upper cervical subluxation?

It is your Upper Cervical Doctor’s specialty to detect, analyze, and correct an upper cervical subluxation.

We use paraspinal infrared thermography to monitor the function of your nervous system as well as upper cervical x-rays to determine how the bones of your neck have misaligned.The doctor will adjust your spine specifically to your misalignment without any twisting, pulling, or yanking of the neck. Once the correction is made, removing pressure from the brainstem, the body’s natural self-healing process will begin to restore. We will provide you with tools and education you need as your body begins the healing process.

At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Michigan we don’t promise to cure your pain or symptoms, we promise to remove the upper cervical subluxation allowing your body to heal as it was designed to do.

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How do I become an upper cervical patient at Simple Truth Chiropractic?

Simply call today at 616-458-8063 and schedule an appointment! Not sure what what to expect? Click here to get an over view of your first appointment.

Where is Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Michigan Located? ?

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