Your First Visit

Your first appointment will be approximately 60-90 minutes.

Part 1 – Consultation


After filling out the appropriate paper work, you and the doctor will have a discussion about your past and present health history, traumas encountered, and what  brought your into the office. This will help the doctor have a deeper understanding of your current health status.

Part 2 -Upper Cervical Examination

Once you’ve had the initial consultation the doctor will begin an upper cervical examination. This exam evaluates the upper cervical spine to see whether or not you have any dysfunction in this area to see if you can benefit from upper cervical care.  After the exam the doctor will let you know whether or not she think you can benefit from upper cervical care.


Part 3 – X-Rays

If you are a candidate for upper cervical care, the doctor will take a specific set of x-rays to determine the exact misalignment of the bones in the upper neck. Every spine is different.


Part 4- Scheduling


After your x-rays are taken you will then set up a following appointment within the next two days where the doctor will go over your Report of Findings. During this report the doctor will be going over any significant information regarding your past and present history, upper cervical examination, x-ray findings as well as her recommended care plan.

Since some of the information will be new and different to you we ask that you bring someone with you to this appointment.



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