Meet the Doctors

Dr. Shana Canfield
Upper Cervical Specialist

Ever since she was a little girl Dr. Canfield has always had a passion to be in the health care profession. She worked in an emergency room for a couple of years when she realized the medical model of health care wasn’t for her. She never really saw anyone get “well.”  Most of the time continued to watch the same people grow sicker and sicker. After attending a dinner talk on Chiropractic care she realized that if you just remove whatever is interfering with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, the body will return to its natural state of healing as it was designed to do. Meaning that sick people can get well without the intervention of drugs or surgery! Six months later she moved to down to Marietta, Ga to begin her studies at Life University.

When she first got under chiropractic care at Life University she noticed something. Every winter since she was little she was diagnosed with Croup, without a fail for 19 years.  This winter, she didn’t get sick at all! Excited that the this principle of innate healing actually worked she couldn’t wait to learn more about this thing called innate.

While in school she developed severe migraines and neck pain, so severe that she literally wanted to cry everyday. She really couldn’t understand why this had happened since she was getting adjusted regularly. A close friend of hers referred her to an Upper Cervical Specialist. Here the doctor explained to her the importance of upper cervical spine and how if this area is misaligned putting pressure on the brain stem, the rest of the body is going to misalign and create dysfunction throughout the entire body. If you specifically correct this area the rest of the body will begin working at 100% without having to move any other bones of the spine! Having miraculous results herself, she couldn’t wait to begin her own studies on the upper cervical spine. She has now dedicated her life to serving her community, however vast it may be, with specific upper cervical care.