Your Second Visit

(40-60 Minutes)

On this visit the doctor will go your Report of Findings, going over any significant information regarding your past and present history, upper cervical examination, and x-ray findings with you and your partner. At this point she will let you know whether or not your case is accepted.

If your case is accepted the doctor is confident that upper cervical care can help you. She will then go over your recommended care plan and answer any questions. You will receive your first upper cervical correction today!

If your case is not accepted the doctor will refer you to someone that will be able to manage your case to ensure you also get care.


Your First Upper Cervical Adjustment

There is no twisting, cracking, or popping with an upper cervical adjustment. This adjustment was tailor made for your misalignment seen from the upper cervical x-rays. After the correction, we will have you rest 20-30 minutes. The resting time is a very important part of the procedure because following the adjustment your body will immediately starts making changes and this will help reinforce those changes so you get well faster.


Upper Cervical Check Up Visits

(20-30 min)

The number of check-up visits will be discussed during your care plan, as it is different for every person. These visits are essential to make sure you reach your maximum potential. Here the doctor will determine how you are responding to care and whether or not you you need to be adjusted again.


Visit Guildlines

Since the doctor will be performing a neurological test on both the initial upper cervical examination and check up visits we ask that you follow these guild lines :

1. No sugars 30 minutes before your appointment.

2. No caffiene, cigarettes, or chocolate 2 hours before your appointment.

3. No over the counter or prescribed medication 4 hours before your appointment.

These substances will alter your thermal scan. If you’ve had any of the above substances before your appointment please let your doctor know so she can take that into account when evaluating you. This will ensure the best results for your case.