Upper Cervical in Grand Rapids – The Key to Migraine Relief

We have seen an explosion of headaches and migraines in the past two years and people always seek conventional medical care first. The problem with seeking conventional medical care is the fact that it is not seeking to remove the cause of the problem. Instead, you’re often prescribed 1-3 medications designed to mask and cover up the problem, rather than truly fix it. ┬áIn our practice, we often see structural shifts in the neck and head that lead to increased tension in the neck muscles and shoulder muscles and a lot of imbalances in the blood flow and oxygen flow to the brain. We find that when you restore the structural alignment back into the neck and spine, the headaches and migraines often go away on their own.

If you’ve been suffering with headaches or migraines, don’t suffer any longer. Call to make an appointment as soon as you can.

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